Trilesalectinophobia(The fear of camping equipment)

No experience?  Don’t think that you own the right gear to head out into the woods?  Apex Outdoor Gear’s most recent trip to Nordhouse Dunes was meant to fight the fears that all beginners have when it comes to backpacking. 

September 17 and 18 was the first full educational Apex Outdoor Gear Beginner Backpacking trip.  10 participants met for two clinics to learn how to pack and prepare for an overnight trip.  The first clinic was spent going over in detail all the different gear that you would want to have for a trip and how to use it.  This clinic was meant to ease those gripped with   Trilesalectinophobia, or the fear of camping equipment.  The second clinic was a dose of realilty with a complete shake down.  Everyone brought their gear in and we went through bit by bit of what to take, what to leave and how to pack their bags.  After prying a couple extra utensils and lights from our newbie’s hands we made sure everyone was ready to go.  The last thing we wanted was to worry about over packing and  leaving gear on the trail like Bill Bryson on his Appalachian Trail hike in the book Walk in the Woods (a good read by the way).

The overnight trip took place just north of Ludington on the gorgeous beach’s of Lake Michigan in the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area.  Friday night we hiked in looking for a scenic camp site.  And after finding a sight right near the beach we spent sometime getting to know each other through our first very serious clinic of the trip on going to the bathroom in the woods. If you think that you don’t know someone then wait till you hear about their favorite way to poop in the woods.  It is a good way to really get to know each other quickly.

After setting camp we dove into some of the beginner curriculum.  We roasted marshmallows while learning about fire building, tarp building, and stoves.  Full from s’mores we bear bagged and made camp bomb proof to prepare for the storm heading our way. 

Saturday morning brought thunder, light rain, and a gourmet oatmeal breakfast.  You can catch the YouTube video of the trip if you don’t believe the breakfast was gourmet.  It was good enough that our group mascot Summit(a dog) assisted in polishing off any that someone couldn’t finish.

Saturday’s agenda included hiking 3 miles to see some amazing tornado damage from 2007 and continue our education.  But, first order of business was to have fun dancing in the waves of Lake Michigan to get water that wasn’t too sandy.  Once the hike started we took time to stop on the trail and learn water purification, kitchen safety, blister care, map and compass, and Leave No Trace. 

Overall, the trip was a great learning experience for everyone and the group managed to make it back in one piece  Everyone was excited and ready to plan their next outdoor adventure realizing that they too have conquered the debilitating disease, Trilesalectinophobia.

Check out a video of our trip here or pics here.


~ by apexoutdoorgear on September 29, 2010.

One Response to “Trilesalectinophobia(The fear of camping equipment)”

  1. Love the pic and the video. 🙂 It was a great trip and fun for all lots of memories.

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